Addressing biodiversity complexity with Open Science | Ron Dekker, Technopolis Group Belgium

How Open Science can help us to address the major challenges facing biodiversity and its management, conservation and recovery? “Open science”, explains Ron Dekker, Project Leader EOSC Future & Technopolis Group Belgium, “is an umbrella term to cover all kinds of topics. It relates to how you publish, how you collaborate, with whom you collaborate, and it opens up the process of doing research. So, it’s this whole cycle of doing research that is being addressed by open science. For biodiversity, I think, one of the major challenges is its complexity. It deals with everything, and trying to combine all these data you need to have agreements on how to use the data, how to describe the data, so that others can find the data and reuse them.” Watch this video interview and find out more about the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and the potential synergies and opportunities of collaboration between EOSC and LifeWatch ERIC. More information here: https://www.lifewatch.eu/bees-2023/