BEeS Conference 2023 – Seville, 23 May 2023 – Session 1

Watch the video recordings of the Session 1 “Major threats to the Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystem health” of the BEeS 2023 conference, held in Seville on 23 May 2023.

Institutional address: José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, Regional Minister of Universities, Research and Innovation (Junta de Andalucía), Christos Arvanitidis, LifeWatch ERIC CEO Chair: José Mauel Avila Castuera A cross-domain VRE to accelerate research on Non-Indigenous Invasive Species (NIS) | Presenter: Christos Arvanitidis, LifeWatch ERIC Direction and frequency of invasive plant species ecological impacts in Europe | Presenter: Montserrat Vilà, Doñana Biological Station, CSIC Developing Computational Models for Exotic Invasive Species: tools for prevention, control and decision making | Presenter: Miguel Ángel Collado Aliaño, University of Seville Improving biodiversity conservation: the role of the sRedList platform in streamlining and standardising Red List assessments | Presenter: Francesco De Leo, National Research Council of Italy, CNR LifeWatch ERIC’s Biotope vulnerability workflow – CIMPAL (Cumulative IMPacts of invasive ALien species) version | Presenter: Daniel Crespo, LifeWatch ERIC/University of Aveiro eScience solutions to address the known unknowns of invasion biology | Presenter: Cristina Di Muri, National Research Council of Italy, CNR Chair: ‪Lennert Schepers Using operational synergies for the study and integrated management of invasive alien species in Italy | Presenter: Cristina Di Muri, National Research Council of Italy, CNR The MARBEFES Project: MARine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning leading to Ecosystem Services | Presenter: Barbara Górska, Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences The role of renewable energy based power systems in the monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystems | Presenter: Diego Tejada, National Institute of Aerospace Technology, INTA Nyctalus lasiopterus populations’ trends in Southern Europe: The Bermuda Triangle | Presenter: Elena Tena López, Doñana Biological Station, CSIC Herb cover management in olive crops indirectly affects the interaction networks through functional filtering | Presenter: Domingo Cano Sáez, University of Jaén Leveraging Digital Technology and Analytics for Sustainable Management of Regions in National Parks: The Case of Smart Poqueira | Presenter: Julian Ignacio Urriza, University of Granada Designing a Biodiversity-Aware Vegetation Monitoring System for Post-Fire Recovery Transition in the Alta Murgia National Park | Presenter: Emanuele Costanzo, LifeWatch ERIC/National Research Council of Italy, CNR Communicating LifeWatch ERIC’s online services and tools to non-scientific audiences through a narrative communication strategy | Presenter: Julian Kenny, LifeWatch ERIC

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Credits: LifeWatching WebTV