Biodiversity and ecosystem conservation from an eScience perspective | Highlights BEeS 2023

The conference “BEeS – Threats and challenges to biodiversity and ecosystem conservation from an eScience perspective”, the LifeWatch ERIC Biodiversity & Ecosystem eScience Conference, guided us through the advanced, transdisciplinary and challenging frontiers of biodiversity and ecosystem research. This is a highlights video from the occasion; for further information, please visit the following page: https://www.lifewatch.eu/bees-2023/ Insights and perspectives from: Alberto Basset, Director of the Service Centre, LifeWatch ERIC Meelis Pärtel, University of Tartu Peter van Tienderen, Director of the Virtual Laboratory and Innovations Centre, LifeWatch ERIC Elena Tena López, Doñana Biological Station, CSIC Carl Beierkuhnlein, University of Bayreuth Fernando Rodríguez, University of Salamanca, USAL Monserrat Vilà, Doñana Biological Station, CSIC Ron Dekker, Project Leader EOSC Future, Technopolis Group Belgium Juan J. Vergara, University of Cadiz Magdalena Aljančič, LifeWatch Slovenia Christos Arvanitidis, Chief Executive Officer, LifeWatch ERIC Credits: LifeWatching WebTV Credits: LifeWatching WebTV