Designing scenarios and interventions to solve the world’s problems of today | Peter van Tienderen, LifeWatch ERIC

Peter van Tienderen, Director of the Virtual Laboratory and Innovations Centre of LifeWatch ERIC, explains the great challenge we face to solve the world’s problems of today while highlighting how LifeWatch ERIC supports biodiversity and ecosystem research. “It’s not only biodiversity that we want to conserve” he says, “but it’s also dealing with climate change, or water shortage, or human activities, like recreation or agriculture. Biodiversity is one aspect of this total picture; so, what is important, in my view, is that we want to find the optimal solutions to combine these different functions in a way that is good for biodiversity, but it’s also good for many other functions that we want at the same time.” Watch the video and find out more! More information here: https://www.lifewatch.eu/bees-2023/