European Research Infrastructures for Ecological Challenges – Interview with Prof. Alberto Basset

The European Commission is strongly promoting the establishment and operation of European Research Infrastructures (ERIs), funded by the Member States, as key components of the scientific research landscape supporting the global competitiveness of European research communities. In the area of Ecology, some ERIs have already been established as European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERIC), and are currently operational, whilst others are in the process of becoming so. Globally, the landscape of European Research Infrastructures offers monitoring sites and facilities covering all types of environmental domains, i.e., terrestrial, freshwater, transitional and marine waters and key research areas, such as those dealing with biodiversity organisation, conservation and restoration, with ecosystem processes and carbon sequestration, water and energy fluxes or with agroecosystems.

Prof. Alberto Basset, LifeWatch ERIC Service Centre Director, illustrates the challenges that these European Research Infrastructures are currently facing during the symposium organised at the SFE2-GfÖ-EEF joint meeting – International conference on Ecological Sciences in Metz.

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