Exploring the Ailanthus altissima workflow – Interview with Carmela Marangi, IAC-CNR

Ailanthus altissima is an invasive plant species, that has spread all over Europe. Although it is native to China, it was imported in the 18th century and it spread fast to a wide range of anthropogenic and natural sites. Once you recognise it, once you are aware of what it looks like, you really see it everywhere.

Carmela Marangi, IAC-CNR, presents the Ailanthus altissima workflow. “Implementing the workflow in Tesseract, which is the virtual research environment of LifeWatch ERIC” she says, “was not really easy, but it was really a great adventure for us. It was not easy because sometimes the research groups do not have enough ICT skills to implement a workflow by themselves, but having a team dedicated to this task was really great. Also because there is a need to enforce this open science policy, and this open science policy means not only sharing the data, but also sharing the tools, and of course having the possibility of collaborating with the LifeWatch ERIC team was great also because of that, because we had the opportunity to increase the shareability of our work, and also to increase the visibility of our work”.

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