Exploring the impacts of biological invasions | Monserrat Vilà, Doñana Biological Station, CSIC

Monserrat Vilà, Doñana Biological Station, CSIC, is conducting research on biological invasions, and she is worried about their impacts not only on biodiversity, but also in ecosystem services and in human well-being. In this video interview she explains to us how LifeWatch ERIC can support her field of research, for example providing tools about mobilisation of datasets which are available, and in terms of merging them to answer questions which are of interest. “I think – she says – that LifeWatch ERIC can support research on biological invasions in different ways: one would be by being the repository of datasets also making them available in different formats for the scientific community and also for society or for environmental management.” Watch the video and find out more! More information here: https://www.lifewatch.eu/bees-2023/