The landscape of European Research Infrastructures for Ecological Research – SFE2 GFÖ EEF Metz 2022

Watch the video and get more insights on LifeWatch ERIC Symposium: “Advanced facilities for ecological research: the European Research Infrastructures”, which took place on 24 November 2022, during the SFE2 GFÖ EEF Joint Meeting, International Conference on Ecological Sciences in Metz. The proposed discussion focused on the major scientific and societal challenges of contemporary times and on the greatest threats faced by biodiversity, ecosystem services and societal benefits, in the context of natural and anthropic pressures, including climate change impacts. The leading scientists involved in the discussion presented their ERIs while illustrating how each ERI will collaboratively tackle these issues, supporting the creation of new multidisciplinary and cross-domain knowledge.

Insights and perspectives from: Alberto Basset, University of Salento and LifeWatch ERIC Service Centre Director; Christos Arvanitidis, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) and LifeWatch ERIC CEO; Andreas Petzold, Juelich Research Centre, IAGOS and ENVRI-FAIR; Gabriella Quaranta, EMSO ERIC; Adrian Stanica, GeoEcoMar and Danubius-RI; Dario Papale, University of Tuscia, CMCC and ICOS ERIC; Michael Mirtl, Environment Agency Austria and eLTER RI; Laurent Delauney, Ifremer and JERICO-RI; Niels Raes, Naturalis Biodiversity Center and DiSSCo.

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