“Make River-Sea Systems work!” – Interview with Adrian Stanica, Danubius-RI

“Danubius-RI, which stands for the International Centre for Advanced Studies on River-Sea Systems has the name Danubius-RI, but it’s not about the Danube. The scientific idea started to grow in the Danube River – Delta-Black Sea project, as a Romanian initiative, but it quickly became an international, pan-European initiative, to develop a distributed Research Infrastructure concerned with all European River-Sea Systems. We are now specialists from 13 European countries that get together to create this Danubius ERIC that aims at finding solutions, sustainable solutions, for River-Sea Systems. Our motto is ‘Make river-sea systems work’”.

Adrian Stanica, GeoEcoMar and Danubius-RI, presents Danubius-RI, its development, mission, and services, at the SFE2 GFÖ EEF Joint Meeting, International Conference on Ecological Sciences in Metz. For more information, please visit this page