The Stork Nest of Snezhi and Vihren

Our feathery friends have flown back! Keep up to date with the stork family of Snezhi and Vihren: stop by for your window into nature on the LifeWatching WebTV channel! We have been watching this nest live since 2017. We hope that the birds will have a successful breeding season. We invite you to follow the BSPB’s Facebook page: @BSPBirds and the Instagram profile: birds.bg, where you can contact us if you have any questions. The installation of the two cameras is part of the measures for the protection of the White stork under the LIFE project “LIFE BIRDS ON POWER LINES”, implemented by Electrodistribution Grid West ЕAD in partnership with the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. Observations of the life of the stork families provide valuable information about the biology and ecology of the species, which will be necessary for planning future activities for its conservation. LIFE16/NAT/BG/000612. For more information, visit: www.lifebirds.eu Due to technical reasons beyond our control, the cameras often interrupt, for which we apologize. We always react as quickly as possible to fix problems.