BEeS Conference 2023 – Seville, 24 May 2023 – Session 1

Watch the video recordings of the Session1 “Biodiversity observation ‘system of systems'” of the BEeS 2023 conference, held in Seville on 24 May 2023.

Chair: Julien Radoux The European Research Infrastructure LifeWatch ERIC and its support to the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Community | Presenter: Christos Arvanitidis, LifeWatch ERIC The European Open Science Cloud as a Service | Presenter: Ron Dekker, Technopolis Group The LifeWatch Species Information Backbone: an update and perspectives | Presenter: Stefanie Dekeyzer, Flanders Marine Institute, VLIZ EOSC, FAIR data, Open science: what, why, how | Presenter: Katrina Exter, Flanders Marine Institute, VLIZ How Belgian fish tracking research benefits from the LifeWatch Virtual Research Environment of ETN | Presenter: Jan Reubens, Flanders Marine Institute, VLIZ Bio-Oracle Version 3: Enhancing High-Resolution Marine Datasets for Ecological Modelling and Climate Change Predictions | Presenter: Salvador Fernández Bejarano, Flanders Marine Institute, VLIZ MBON Europe: Marine Biodiversity Monitoring for Europe | Presenter: Juan J. Vergara, University of Cadiz Chair: Magdalena Aljančič Functional Traits Thesauri: sharing and reusing knowledge through semantic resources | Presenter: Jessica Titocci, National Research Council of Italy, CNR Building up collective knowledge through semantics | Presenter: Martina Pulieri, University of Salento Data mobilisation in the COST Action ParAqua | Presenter: Andrea Tarallo, National Research Council of Italy, CNR Towards a network of Operational Marine Biology: the ANERIS project | Presenter: Jaume Piera, Institut de Ciències del Mar, ICM-CSIC Long-term ecological research on marine hard-bottom communities using a network of genetic observatories, and introduction to the new LifeWatch workflow for data analysis | Presenter: Justine Pagnier, LifeWatch ERIC/University of Gothenburg Remote nevadensis: a tool for monitoring changes in Essential Biodiversity Variables in mountain ecosystems by means of remote sensing | Presenter: Javier Martínez-López, Andalusian Inter-University Institute for Earth System Research, IISTA-CEAMA Essential Ecosystem Service Variables and Models in Mountain Areas: A case study in Sierra Nevada (Spain) | Presenter: Javier Martínez-López, Andalusian Inter-University Institute for Earth System Research, IISTA-CEAMA Automatic Bat Counting and Reporting Based on Artificial Vision and an IoT Data Management Platform | Presenter: Delia Velasco-Montero, Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla, CSIC-US Low-Power Low-Cost Reconfigurable IoT Device for Remote Wildlife Monitoring | Presenter: Víctor Galvín-Coronil, Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla, CSIC-US Leveraging Remote Sensing Services to Introduce Autonomous Robots in the Wild | Presenter: Julio Paneque, LifeWatch ERIC Chair: Iria Soto Environmental DNA metabarcoding as a tool for diversity monitoring in freshwater ecosystems: a case study on aquatic microorganism communities in western Andalusia | Presenter: Carmen Ruiz Delgado, University Pablo de Olavide Camera trapping, artificial intelligence, citizen science, and hierarchical models for biodiversity monitoring: a promising journey | Presenter: Simone Santoro, University of Huelva Challenges and preliminary results in building virtual laboratories to monitor Proteus anguinus and its karst groundwater habitat | Presenter: Gregor Aljančič, Institute Tular Cave Laboratory

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Credits: LifeWatching WebTV